You can get a truly magnificent holiday going on a cruise on the Caribbean Sea onboard the liner Celebrity Equinox, which cozy cabins will allow everyone to feel comfortable after a noisy holiday and unrestrained fun that is simply in abundance. A lot of recreation and entertainment facilities are available 24 hours! Restaurants, bars, cafes and snack shops, sports grounds, swimming pools and spa center, dance floors, cinema halls, library and even a lawn with real green grass where you can sunbathe and also taste an excellent grill with delicious beer in a nearest special bar. Yes, there are so many places to go and so much entertainments that 3 days will fly like a second! Besides, there is really a nice service and really good specialists (I’m not afraid of this word, they are experts in their work with a capital letter). Celebrity Equinox is not just a cruise ship, it is one of the types of recreation with its own separate history and culture.
It is best to rest on this ship with your family or friends, although there are also options for corporate closed events, VIP service and separate private restaurants. During such a trip, guests will be surrounded by a special comfort.
The special design of the cruise liner should not be left unmentioned, including a real possibility to get all seasons of the year at once, with each season reflected in the interior design. Celebrity Equinox means an eternal holiday, because it is dedicated to the most famous people on the planet. Here is perhaps, the very place where everyone can feel like a real star!

What can be more wonderful than a refined rest in comfortable conditions, with an adventurous spirit of freedom, far from the usual situation and bored faces? And, perhaps, the cruise on the Caribbean Sea is exactly what you need!